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Washington State Will Now Teach Small Children Transgenderism | Daily Caller

Beginning in fall of 2017, all Washington state public schools will begin teaching kindergartners that gender is a “social construct” and there are “many ways to express gender” as part of its newly-approved “self-identity” curriculum.

Source: Washington State Will Now Teach Small Children Transgenderism

[Editor’s note:  This is why we home school.  Five year old’s don’t have anywhere close to the mindset to comprehend an issue a complex as this.  This is why the leftist cretins seek to get their idiotic and destructive ideas in a that early age – to indoctrinate at an early age.   We are doomed.]



Beginning in fall of 2017, all Washington state public schools will begin teaching kindergartners that gender is a “social construct” and there are “many ways to express gender” as part of its newly-approved “self-identity” curriculum.

One of the “core” areas in Washington state’s new health education learning standards is sexual health, components of which will be introduced to children starting in kindergarten, including the idea of gender “self-identity” and the difference between “safe” and “unwanted touch.”

The new standards require that kindergartners be taught to understand that “there are many ways to express gender.” Gender, as The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson notes, is defined by the state’s health education glossary as “a social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex.” Gender expression is defined by the state as “the way someone outwardly expresses their gender.”

In its “safe” versus “unwanted touch” lessons, the state will teach kindgartners to “[r]ecognize people have the right to refuse giving or receiving unwanted touch.” When TheDC asked Nathan Olson, a communications manager for the state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), if that meant they were teaching kindergartners about the idea of consent, they got no response.

In third grade, children will learn that they should respect others’ self-determined “gender identity,” an idea that will be elaborated on in fourth grade, when they will be taught to identify “how friends and family can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity, and expression,” along with lessons on HIV prevention. In fifth grade, children will be taught about the ways “media, society, and culture” influence the “social construct” of gender and how to “identify trusted adults to ask questions about gender identity and sexual orientation.” In seventh grade, students will be asked to distinguish “between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

Despite the massive controversy over ideas surrounding “gender identity” versus biological sex, OSPI insisted that through its standards it was not attempting to “impose belief systems” on children.

“Standards help students become familiar with concepts that education experts feel are essential for all students to know,” Olson told TheDC. “Standards are not used to impose belief systems.”

Asked about what a school would do if a student failed an assignment due to opposing the premises of the material, Olson said “we don’t exactly know” and that it’s up to the school.

Below are screenshots of the “self-identity” and “healthy relationships” sections of Washington’s sexual health standards for K-5:

Washington State Next to Offer ‘No Gender’ Birth Certificates | Truth Revolt

A proposed change in the state of Washington will allow parents to choose the non-binary gender classification of “X” for their children and officially add it to new birth certificates. The law already states that anyone born in the state can petition to change their birth certificates to their preferred gender du jour. | TChildren can also make the change with “consent of their parents and with a doctor’s note,” according to KUOW.

Source: Washington State Next to Offer ‘No Gender’ Birth Certificates

A proposed change in the state of Washington will allow parents to choose the non-binary gender classification of “X” for their children and officially add it to new birth certificates.

The law already states that anyone born in the state can petition to change their birth certificates to their preferred gender du jour. Children can also make the change with “consent of their parents and with a doctor’s note,” according to KUOW.

If approved, the change would happen as early as next year. So far, about 1,000 comments have poured in to the state department of health with messages for and against the radical measure.

The health department’s Christie Spice said they are just following the societal changes happening around the country:

“[M]ore people are identifying as a gender other than a male or female and there’s growing demand for non-binary sex designations on all identity documents, including birth certificates.”

Washington is also considering giving the “X” designation for state ID cards, following in the footsteps of other states before it.

Nearby Oregon added the gender-neutral option earlier this year to its state-issued ID, as did Washington D.C. To no one’s surprise, California is leading the pack by offering non-binaries their coveted “X” on both driver’s licenses AND birth certificates. More proof that California is wokest of all.

UW The Leaven of Political Football | American Thinker

Source: The Leaven of Political Football


The Leaven of Political Football

At the pinnacle (1989-92) of Don James’s (1932-2013) football coaching career with the University of Washington Huskies, he was sabotaged by college officials from within, precisely because of political correctness.  Political correctness brought an end to the glory years of the Don James era (1975-92) which included a national championship, an Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma in 1984 that should have given the Huskies another national title, together with numerous Rose Bowl wins and many bowl appearances that racked up an impressive 10-4 postseason record.  Moreover, the political reckoning of Don James is was and is an important barometer relative to what is now sweeping the NFL as the increasing politicization of football is taking a heavy toll.  Thanks to the leaven of political correctness, the national anthem is now an apparent anathema in spite of the fact that American Football is a uniquely American sport.  If one cannot celebrate the national anthem at a distinctly American sport, can there be any real future to the NFL in America?

What started the ruckus at the UW that led to severe Pac-10 sanctions against the Huskies in the late summer of 1993 actually began in the mid 1980s over politics – from the inside before later being finished off by the outside.  Leftist UW President William Geberding became incensed when Don James introduced President Reagan at a fund raiser and then gave him a signed football to boot – pun intended.  To add insult to injury, President George Bush, Sr. later invited James to dinner at the White House.

All of this was an affront to Gerberding who sharply reprimanded James for having the gall to mix sports with politics.  Not only was Gerberding incensed by James’s political conservatism, he was envious of his being the essential face of the school, not to mention the highest paid state employee in the state of Washington at the time.  Gerbeding’s political orientation was further insulted precisely because the UW’s athletic department was brimming with tons of cash thanks to the winning ways of Don James.

To counteract this abomination, Gerbeding first went after Mike Lude.  Lude was Washington’s Athletic Director for many years.  He worked very closely with Don James to build Washington’s football program.  Lude’s previous background as the head coach of Colorado State University (1962-69), and then later as the Athletic Director of Kent State University, also afforded him a very respected and influential position in the NCAA.

After Gerberding compelled Lude to share the incredible wealth he and James had brought into the UW athletic department with the rest of the school, he then forced Lude out of office in June of 1991.  This proved to be the primary catalyst that would later leave James exposed to the wolves of the NCAA, particularly at the Pac-10 level.  Pac-10 colleges were not happy watching their teams get mauled by the Husky defense.

A very inexperienced Barbara Hedges was then hired to replace Lude.  Hedges had priorities beyond developing the Husky football brand.  This became especially apparent when the Pac-10 finally came down harshly on the UW football program for what James considered to be petty violations that he initially thought would be relatively easy to overcome.  According to James, however, Hedge betrayed him and the entire football team at an emergency Pac-10 meeting in San Francisco by opting for much harsher sanctions rather than lobby for a lighter appeal.  According to other witnesses at the meeting, this decision was ostensibly made for the sake of men’s golf and women’s tennis.  Gerberding did not even attend the meeting.

The undermining of James became very insidious in that also included Seattle’s very liberal press who were the first to dig up dirt on backup quarterback Billy Jo Hobert (that was later proved not to be illegal) but still managed to put the UW football program under the spotlight that led to other investigations.  Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh, who came to the Stanford Cardinals in 1992, went on to characterize the Huskies as a collection of outlaws and mercenaries that did not belong in the NCAA.  James was livid with Walsh’s insinuations.

Yet after all of the investigations were completed, the primary allegations that were brought against the UW football program stemmed from the acts of California kids whom James had already dismissed from the team for being unethical.  Such manifest lawyerism, which made a Midwest law firm that specialized in NCAA violations almost one million dollars richer, together with other legalistic ticky-tack violations, which was further compounded by Hedges’s betrayal, led to the highly publicized harsh penalties leveled against the Husky football program.  James finally quit.  True to his word, James warned Hedges that if she does not appeal or lobby for a lighter sentence, he would resign.

Hypocritically, long after the James Gang was gone, in 2006 Gerberding wrote a letter to Derek Johnson, the author of “Husky Football in the Don James Era.”  In the letter, Gerberding strongly agreed with James that the sanctions against the Huskies were far overblown.  He concluded by admitting the obvious that everyone already knew, “Don James was, of course, a great football coach.  He was also a gentleman and a fine representative of the University of Washington for 18 years.”  Today there is now a statue of James on the UW Campus recently dedicated to him.

At the dedication, future NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon, who played for the Huskies in the late 70’s, reminisced, “After coach James left our living room and he got in his car, my mother told me: that’s where you’re going to go to school, son.  He wasn’t just a football coach that developed players. He was a football coach who developed young men.”   Here is a huge blind spot that leftist academics refuse to understand about American football – or perhaps they do all too well:  Football a not mindless sport for brutes.  If chess was to be played by real live people, it would be something akin to American football.

Neither is it a coincidence that the last truly dominating defense seen in all of football was the Husky defense of the late Don James era.  The Huskies did not merely defend, but destroyed the opposition.

This Husky defense held the eventual all-time NFL rushing leader Emmit Smith to 17 yards in a 34-7 rout of the Florida Gators in the 1989 Freedom Bowl.  An even more powerful Husky defense derailed quarterback Todd Marinovich’s quest for the Heisman in 1990 with a 31-0 shellacking of USC.  In 1991, defensive lineman Steve Emtman was such a dominating force on the gridiron that he not only won the Lombardi Trophy, the Outland Trophy, the UPI Lineman of the Year together with the Pac-10 defensive player of the year, but incredibly, he also finished fourth in the Heisman race.

In the 1992 Rose Bowl, retired Wolverine Coach Bo Schembechler (1929-2006) was shocked by the power of the Husky defense as he commented from the sidelines that no one pushes around a Michigan offensive line like that.   Even the depleted Husky defense of 1994 under Coach Jim Lambright, James’s successor and loyal defensive coordinator for many years, stuffed the Miami Hurricanes that ended their 58 home game winning streak dating all the way back to 1985 – with future NFL defensive Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp looking on with envy.

The toothless defenses seen on the NFL gridiron today are most certainly the outworking of political correctness that began from within, but is now being taken over from the outside as professional football seems far more concerned about politics in general than playing football.  In 1978, politically correct rules leavened the game in a big way to favor offenses over defenses.  Certain NFL owners and coaches were tired of trying to fight their way through the Steel Curtain and other extremely tough defenses in order to earn their way into the Superbowl.  Claiming the game needed more excitement and entertainment to match the NFL’s growing inroads into Hollywood TV, they began to defang defenses by over-regulating them.  While the Raiders, Bears, Giants, and 49ers kept the defensive emphasis afloat during the 1980’s, the 1990’s saw its eventual demise with only an occasional strong defense seen since.  Now, such anti-defensive measures are touted even more for the safety of the game.

Today, nobody fears defenses.  This is a far cry from John Elway’s 1983 baptism into the NFL when he looked over at the remnants of Pittsburgh’s Steel Curtain with a toothless Jack Lambert growling at him.  This is what the NFL used to be all about – competition in the face of intimidation and danger – the kind of drama that has all but disappeared.  Today’s NFL is technocratic, slick, and full of glitz, but increasingly hollow of character and short on drama.  The NFL is now a pass happy basketball kind of game full of short passes and cheap touchdowns together with quarterback and receiver records that mean very little since they cannot be compared to other eras, particularly to the Super Seventies.

In the 1970s, NFL fans were routinely presented with divisional playoffs, championship games, and Superbowls that were chock full of great competitive drama as the best teams on both sides of the ball collided against each other.  Because of the fierce competition between the offenses and defenses, even the best quarterbacks of that era seldom had more touchdowns than interceptions in any given year.  Moreover, most NFL teams had an exciting and outstanding running back that today is in short supply.  Today, super fullbacks like Larry Csonka are essentially out of a job since fullbacks are virtually non-existent.

The Super Seventies were also full of colorful coaches epitomized best by John Madden.  Madden’s rebel Raiders played three of the best games ever been played in NFL history – all of which were Divisional Playoff games.   First, there was the 1972 “Immaculate Reception” game where Franco Harris of the Steelers stole the win from the Raiders in the waning seconds of the game.  Jack Tatum’s bone-crushing hit that almost blew up the football itself, shot off of Fuqua’s chest like a cannon before implausibly popping into the hands of Harris with no one in front of him to stop him from scampering into the end zone.  Second, there was the classic 1974 “Sea of Hands” game against Miami that ended the Dolphins fourth straight drive to the Superbowl.  Third, there was the 1977 “Ghost to the Post” game that derailed the upstart Baltimore Colts – one of the longest NFL games ever played.

Such was the football drama of the Super Seventies that is today long gone as political correctness, legalism, and lawyerism now dominate the game.  All of this is turning into one big concussion for the fans that goes beyond the Kaepernick antics so that fewer people care much about the game anymore.  These days, Hollywood no longer cares even about entertainment – only politics.  This makes the NFL’s relationship to Hollywood even more insidious than before precisely because Tinseltown and Broadway demand political correctness as the first order of business.  Americans, who are already bombarded with the madness of politics 24-7, do not want to be subjected to it again on Sundays at a football game – a recipe for fewer fans and ticket sales to say the very least.




Seattle ‘antifa’ fails.  Low Turnouts at Seattle and  Nationwide ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protests| Breitbart

The much-hyped, nationwide Antifa protests are off to a slow start, with a few hundred demonstrators in NYC and far smaller groups elsewhere.

Refuse Fascism, the group behind this weekend’s multi-city Antifa rallies, claims to be “organizing millions of people to drive out the fascist Trump / Pence regime.” Actual turnout on the first day of their nationwide rallies was far lower.

The group, founded by Revolutionary Communist Party chairman Bob Avakian, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to promote the rally, and has enjoyed free press in the national media in the past few days.

Despite the press attention, turnout was low at many of Refuse Fascism’s rallies, which were scheduled to take place in 20 U.S. cities. The exception appears to have been L.A, where local news reported that close to 2,000 protesters gathered.

There were no reports of violent incidents, although a woman accused of deliberately splashing her drink on a Trump supporter was reportedly arrested at the Refuse Fascism march in New York City.

The Chicago protest later grew to a small crowd.

Boston saw an even smaller crowd of protesters.


In the Antifa stronghold of Seattle, local observers estimate an attendance of about 50 during the afternoon. Many protest signs can be seen lying on the ground, untouched and unused.

One protester in Seattle turned up with a Soviet flag. I can only assume that the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, all of which hate murderous totalitarian ideologies, will give it the same kind of coverage they devoted to the swastika at Charlottesville. That’s how it works, right?

There was also a man with an American flag, which is not totalitarian at all. Unless you believe the left.

There was also a man with neither an American flag nor a Soviet flag, but a trombone. Tooooot.

The largest rally appears to have been in New York City, where pictures and footage from the ground indicated a crowd of several hundred people.

Source: ANTIFAIL: Low Turnouts At Nationwide ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protests – Breitbart

As Usual, Patty Murray Doesn’t Get It | American Thinker

Source: As Usual, Patty Murray Doesn’t Get It



As Usual, Patty Murray Doesn’t Get It | American Thinker

Back in the dreadful days of the patriarchy and plantation slavery, Dr. Johnson famously said that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel.

But what do you say about Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) arguing that the ruling class should use its First Amendment rights to shut down extremists? She says:

Here is the issue worth discussing today: how can we protect this constitutional right [of the First Amendment] while also making sure that our colleges and universities are places where everyone can feel safe, learn, and respectfully debate ideas. And — as a part of that conversation, we need to discuss how elected leaders, community members, and college and university administrators, can best exercise their First Amendment right to do everything in their power to push back against those driving an agenda of extremism, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny. And — we also must speak out against groups and organizations that are looking to use their right to free speech to divide us, to attack the most vulnerable among us, and to feed on people’s fear in the service of hate.

I’d say that “scoundrel” is too mild a world for Sen. Patty.

Murray is making three points here, and every one of them is wrong. First, she seems to think that protecting the First Amendment somehow conflicts with feeling safe, learning, and respectful debate. No, Patty. We have the police to keep people safe. The problem with our schools is that you liberals won’t let the police police lefty thugs like Antifa and BLM.

Then Patty thinks that the First Amendment is needed for powerful leaders and administrators to lecture the deplorables. No, Patty. No ruling class ever needed a First Amendment. You will note, Senator, that in Europe where there is no First Amendment, the ruling class, bless its heart, has no problem getting the word out — or in prosecuting deplorables for hate speech.

Then Patty writes that the ruling class should unite against people that want to divide “us.” No, Patty. Divide and conquer is your game, the ruling-class game that every military or political leader sucks in with her mother’s milk. Your problem is that regime opponents are uniting to break up your game and hive off people that have unreflectingly supported Deep State politicians like you without realizing that you don’t care about people like them; you only care about “elected leaders, community members, and college and university administrators” and other bribed apologists of the ruling-class. People like you, Patty.

Now let us check the text of the First Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now, Patty, on my view, your idea of the powerful pushing back against “extremism” is the reason we have the First Amendment in the first place: to make it difficult for the ruling class to silence dissenting voices. Every ruling class wants to silence their opponents. Some rulers call them deplorables and “extremists.” Others go straight to the point and call them “saboteurs and wreckers.” Every ruling class hates its critics.

And do you see that bit at the end, Patty, about “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances?” It says nothing about exceptions in case of “extremism, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny.” In fact, I’d say that any anyone peaceably assembling, down the ages, has without exception had to face the scorn and the pejoratives of ruling-class place-men and place-women like you.

Let me repeat: words like “extremism, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny” are notable today only as pejoratives that ruling-class pooh-bahs like you, Patty Murray — and your violent Antifa and BLM stooges on the street — use to bully and silence any dissent from ruling-class ideology.

If you believe, as I do, that there is no such thing as justice, only injustice, then the First Amendment makes complete sense. On this view, the point of the First Amendment is to give people that are experiencing injustice — no matter how deplorable and mistaken the ruling class judges them to be — a chance to make their grievances heard in the public square. And since Government is Force, it stands to reason that every ruling class in history presides over a blazing Triangle Shirtwaist manufactory of injustice.

Let me say this again. The point of the First Amendment is precisely to let “white supremacists” like Richard Spencer into the public square. It doesn’t matter that he is a monstrous extremist. The point is that “we” — whether the ruling class or worthier, nobler folks like AT readers — need to hear from people that think they are suffering under injustice, whether they are “right” or not.

Seattle Coffee Shop Owner Shouts Profanities at Christian Pro-Life Group, Kicks Them Out | Breitbart

A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle kicked a Christian pro-life group out of his coffee shop because he felt offended by their presence.

Source: VIDEO: Gay Coffee Shop Owner Shouts Profanities at Christian Pro-Life Group, Kicks Them Out – Breitbart


The Washington Times reports that the group, called Abolish Human Abortion, decided to order drinks at Seattle’s Bedlam Coffee after passing out pro-life pamphlets in the area when the owner angrily asked the group to leave.

“I’m gay. You have to leave,” owner Ben Borgman said in the Facebook video.

“Are you denying us service?” activist Caytie Davis asked.

“I am. Yeah,” Borgman replied.

The group had been handing out pamphlets about the Bible, sin, and abortion to Seattle residents and one of the baristas let Borgman know what he was doing, according to the Blaze.

Borgman did not take the news well, and further confronted the group.

“This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended,” he said.

The group tried to explain to him that they did not leave any pamphlets in the cafe, but Borgman continued to berate the group.

“There’s nothing you can say. This is you and I don’t want these people in this place,” he said.

Borgman then asked activist Jonathan Sutherland whether he would “tolerate” a sex act between two men.

“Can you tolerate my presence? Really?” the owner asked. “If I go get my boyfriend and f**k him in the a** right here you’re going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it?”

“That would be your choice,” Sutherland replied.

“Answer my f***ing question!” Borgman yelled back. “No, you’re going to sit right here and f***ing watch it! Leave, all of you! Tell all your f**king friends don’t come here!”

As the group prepared to leave, one of the women in the group told Borgman, “Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle.”

“Yeah, I like a**,” the owner spat. “I’m not going to be saved by anything. I’d f**k Christ in the a**. Okay? He’s hot.”

Another woman then told him that she would pray for him.

Las Vegas Police Releases Body Camera Footage That Refutes Michael Bennett’s Story | Breitbart

Las Vegas Police Releases Body Camera Footage That Refutes Michael Bennett’s Story

Source: Las Vegas Police Releases Body Camera Footage That Refutes Michael Bennett’s Story – Breitbart

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department released body camera footage Friday of Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett’s August detainment that was in contrast to Bennett’s claim that the police racially profiled him and used excessive force.

In the video, two Hispanic officers and one black officer can be seen identifying Bennett following the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor fight. At the time, there was a suspected shooter on the loose and Bennett was identified as suspicious after he hid from police inside a casino and attempted to flee the scene.

A distraught Bennett was detained, and although he had no ID, he told officers to look him up online on their cell phones to prove he was the Seahawks defensive lineman. The officers then let Bennett leave after determining he was not the shooter.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said the officers handled Bennett’s detainment “appropriately and professionally.”

In a statement on Twitter, Bennett wrote September 6, “The Officers’ excessive use of force was unbearable. I felt helpless as I lay there on the ground handcuffed facing the real-life threat of being killed. All I could think of was “I’m going to die for no other reason than I am black and my skin color is somehow a threat.’ My life flashed before my eyes as I thought of my girls. Would I ever play with them again? Or watch them have kids? Or be able to kiss my wife again and tell her I love her.”

Following Bennett’s Twitter post, the Las Vegas Police Union called for the NFL to investigate Bennett’s “false and offensive claims” of racial profiling, but the NFL declined.

Bennett has protested the national anthem throughout the season and even raised a fist after getting a sack on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Evergreen State College pays up to settle suit by Prof. Bret Weinstein | American Thinker

Professor Bret Weinstein, a leftist, refused to participate in the evacuation of white people (only) from the campus of Evergreen State College and sued the college for the hostile work environment he alleged that he and his wife subsequently suffered. Without admitting that charge, the state-supported institution that already faces a $2.1 million deficit and layoffs, is going to cough up a cool half million bucks to avoid the expense, spectacle, and risk of a jury trial.

Source: Blog: Evergreen State College pays up to settle suit by Prof. Bret Weinstein

[Editor’s note:  So the taxpayers of Washington will now need to cough up half a million dollars to settle the claim.   Is the “University” administration to suffer any consequences for their idiotic policies?  No, they get to enjoy their inflated salaries, benefits and can look forward to their generous pensions, all the while continuing their war on the civil society by indoctrinating another generation of ignorant social justice warriors.]

Student Voices: My class talked with a Trump supporter. Here’s what I learned. | The Seattle Times

Olivia Capestany, now a senior at Seattle’s Roosevelt High, writes about the need for more political tolerance at her high school.

Source: Student Voices: My class talked with a Trump supporter. Here’s what I learned. | The Seattle Times

[Ed.: The maturity of this student-author is refreshing. Her self-analysis makes you really think about what you believe and why others believe what they do.]

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