‘Safe injection sites’ are not the answer to our heroin problem | Guest Editorial | Redmond Reporter

I’ve seen the future of opioids. It’s Vancouver, B.C. and it’s not pretty. King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray have a proposal to open two so-called “safe injection sites” to save people from certain slow or sudden death from abusing heroin, meth and other illicit drugs.

The ballot measure is as simply worded as an initiative could be:

Shall supervised drug consumption sites for Schedule I controlled substances (RCW 69.50.204), including heroin but excluding marijuana, be unlawful in King County?”

Source: ‘Safe injection sites’ are not the answer to our heroin problem | Guest Editorial | Redmond Reporter

King Co. group hopes to get initiative on ballot to ban so-called safe injection sites | KOMO

SEATTLE – A signature drive for an initiative that would ban what many call ‘illegal drug consumption sites’ in King County was launched Thursday. The King County Board of Health approved two safe consumption sites in February, with one in Seattle and the other in unincorporated King County.

Source: King Co. group hopes to get initiative on ballot to ban so-called safe injection sites | KOMO

“Democracy Vouchers” – A gift card for the Libtard

Electing an openly socialist activist to the Seattle City Council was one thing, but now Seattle has socialized city council elections. The so-called “democracy vouchers” are a full-employment act for less-than-mediocre program managers who aspire to political office. These individuals would otherwise be pumping gas in Oregon, but instead they’re getting funds to spout their fringy political ideas. You can thank the passage of Initiative 122 for this and the newly-named Ethics and Elections Commission for making all this fun possible.

The complexity of redeeming a voucher is absolutely mind-numbing and the most a candidate can receive from an individual is $100. Read more

Seattle sues Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’ order | Seattle Times

Seattle will argue that an executive order by President Donald Trump that some jurisdictions “violate federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States,” violates the Constitution by trying to make local governments to enforce federal law.

Source: Seattle sues Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’ order

Redmond passes resolution Dick’s Drive-In to locate in Redmond | EvergreenStateNews

March 21, 2017

Redmond – The Redmond City Council will consider a resolution tonight encouraging Dick’s Drive-In to open its seventh restaurant within the City of Redmond.

Dick’s Drive-In has been running a contest on their website for fans to help decide whether they will seek to locate their next restaurant on the Eastside or in the South End of the Puget Sound region. Read more

Inslee order makes Washington a ‘sanctuary state’ | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday morning signed an executive order declaring Washington a “welcoming jurisdiction,” spelling out that state resources won’t be used to support federal immigration efforts, except where required by law.

Source: Inslee order makes Washington a ‘sanctuary state’ – seattlepi.com

[Ed.: It’s something we’d always suspected, but now this officially makes Gov. Jay Inslee a complete moron. What happened to the rule of law Governor?

Governor, we’d like to see you try to immigrate to another country illegally and see how you’re treated. It would get you out of our hair and show you that the sensible things President Trump is undertaking – which should have been done in previous administrations – is right, prudent and just.

Why, in a country where we can’t pay our bills the way it is, should those who come here illegally be left to subsist in the margins, live in shanty towns, take from our social services when they get sick and not pay into the systems the way taxpaying citizens and legal immigrants do? This is why people voted for Trump. They’re tired of falling wages, rampant property crime and drug-addled homeless youth sleeping in public places and nobody willing to take a stand against it. Granted these are not necessarily all immigrant-related, but they are all things the Democrat Party is actively supporting or abetting. You are an absolute disgrace!]

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