“Democracy Vouchers” – A gift card for the Libtard

Electing an openly socialist activist to the Seattle City Council was one thing, but now Seattle has socialized city council elections. The so-called “democracy vouchers” are a full-employment act for less-than-mediocre program managers who aspire to political office. These individuals would otherwise be pumping gas in Oregon, but instead they’re getting funds to spout their fringy political ideas. You can thank the passage of Initiative 122 for this and the newly-named Ethics and Elections Commission for making all this fun possible.

The complexity of redeeming a voucher is absolutely mind-numbing and the most a candidate can receive from an individual is $100. Read more

Redmond passes resolution Dick’s Drive-In to locate in Redmond | EvergreenStateNews

March 21, 2017

Redmond – The Redmond City Council will consider a resolution tonight encouraging Dick’s Drive-In to open its seventh restaurant within the City of Redmond.

Dick’s Drive-In has been running a contest on their website for fans to help decide whether they will seek to locate their next restaurant on the Eastside or in the South End of the Puget Sound region. Read more

God is not a Liberal (and he’s not Conservative either)

This Op-Ed is in direct response to the Seattle P-I’s “news” story about Father Michael Ryan’s sermon of Sunday, Feb 5:

Fr. Michael Ryan of Seattle’s St. James Cathedral swerves unwittingly into the truth, but like a drunk driver on a car- and booze-fueled bender, he doesn’t realize it and keeps meandering his merry way home leaving (political) carnage in his wake.

Ryan argued Sunday that society has a right to “reasonable precautions” to assure public safety.

“Our nation has one of the most rigorous screening processes for immigrants and refugees in the world,” he said.  “But when reasonable precautions turn into paranoia that whips up suspicion toward an entire population or religious group, we believers need to speak up and speak out.”

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James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Trump’s defense secretary pick, always comes home to Richland, ‘this town that formed me’ | Seattle Times

James Mattis, Donald Trump’s nominee for defense secretary, still lists a modest wood-framed house in Richland, built by the government for Hanford workers, as his residence. He serves on the board of a food bank, stops by the VFW and in November reported for jury duty.

Source: James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Trump’s defense secretary pick, always comes home to Richland, ‘this town that formed me’

The Case Against Washington State’s “Road Usage Charge” Program

The Washington State Transportation Commission is conducting a pilot program in 2017 to determine the feasibility of a “Road Usage Charge” also referred to as a “vehicle miles traveled” tax. They believe gas tax revenues will decline due to the emergence of more efficient gas and diesel-burning vehicles. Additionally, alternative fuel vehicles that use electric, natural gas and hydrogen pay no gas taxes.

There are many reasons to oppose this program (before the pilot even begins): Read more

ESN Editorial Board: Headlines we’d like to see in 2017

The increasingly-liberal Seattle Times posted an editorial yesterday which outlined the headlines which they and their readers would like to see in the coming year.

The Evergreen State News Editorial Board responds:

“Trump to turn the firing of Cabinet members into reality TV show”

This was a winning selection of the Times’ contest. We can only weep for the future.

“Trump’s first year, world did not end; liberals confused”

You had us at “liberals confused”.

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Why I wish I’d supported Trump (AKA driving liberals mad is sporting good fun)

I’m a proud member of the Republican Party in Washington State and Donald Trump was my 15th choice for the nomination (tied with Jeb Bush) with only Lindsey Graham coming in after him and against the likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. He definitely wasn’t my fave and I only voted for him in November very reservedly. I saw Mr. Trump’s candidacy as a bit of a lark and an exercise in self-promotion from a bombastic New Yorker. At best, he was a liberal Republican (and perhaps not even a Republican) who wasn’t worth my admittedly conservative primary vote. Honestly, I thought he very well could be the end of the party of Lincoln. I suppose that’s still possible though.

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Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett out for season with gruesome leg injury – seattlepi.com

Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett left Seattle’s Week 16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals after suffering a gruesome injury to his right leg in the second quarter. After the game, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed the second-year pro will miss the rest of the season with the injury, which will require surgery.

Source: Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett out for season with gruesome leg injury – seattlepi.com

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