Why I wish I’d supported Trump (AKA driving liberals mad is sporting good fun)

I’m a proud member of the Republican Party in Washington State and Donald Trump was my 15th choice for the nomination (tied with Jeb Bush) with only Lindsey Graham coming in after him and against the likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. He definitely wasn’t my fave and I only voted for him in November very reservedly. I saw Mr. Trump’s candidacy as a bit of a lark and an exercise in self-promotion from a bombastic New Yorker. At best, he was a liberal Republican (and perhaps not even a Republican) who wasn’t worth my admittedly conservative primary vote. Honestly, I thought he very well could be the end of the party of Lincoln. I suppose that’s still possible though.

Instead, I preferred the youthful energy and optimism of Sen. Marco Rubio even though I tend to prefer governors to senators because governors actually have to administer a governmental apparatus whereas senators just vote (and some of them don’t really do much of that). A prime example is the neophyte we got in President Obama after only a year in the US Senate.

Mind Melt

Now post-election, am I thrilled about seeing the liberal intelligencia – I use the term advisedly and sarcastically – absolutely losing their minds on the talking head shows after Trump’s electoral victory? Oh, I could not be more ecstatic witnessing their brains melt down into a mushy little pile. It reminds me of that old Peter Gabriel album where his face is melting down the cover; that’s what’s happening to their cerebellums. Their ceaseless gnashing of teeth and over-the-top hyperbole is just a breathtaking thing to watch.

If I’d only known his election would cause such a complete hysteria, I wouldn’t have waited until the last station to board the Trump Train. For some reason he pushes all of their buttons and the resulting unvarnished insanity on display worries me that our public mental health spending is woefully inadequate to take care of our leftist friends.

My party’s candidate had been so unlikable to the party faithful and I didn’t think he could reach those Reagan Democrats to swing Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the GOP’s way. But, what I didn’t count on was a candidate on the other side that was out-of-touch with middle America. Who’d have guessed that the candidate who was born into wealth was more in-touch than the Goldwater girl turned redistributionist from Chicago? Of course she did attend Wellesley College and Yale law school, so “working Joe” credentials definitely have never been uttered when referring to her, but at the time, she seemed like a better candidate.

Electing a female president, just not this female

Of course that was before her never-ending email and Benghazi scandals that exposed her poor judgement which cannot be denied or explained away. One of them was something every American could relate to since email has become so prevalent. The ONLY thing she had going for her was that she was a woman; there were no other up-sides to her election besides breaking the so-called “glass ceiling”. She was going to continue President Obama’s terrible economic and foreign policies and she has none of the personal appeal that the 44th president exhibits. America is hurting and she never showed any empathy for those who are un- or under-employed evidenced by having no plan to strengthen the economy. It was all hunky-dory to her and that was not in line with the reality of normal Americans.

The idea that people didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton based on the fact that she’s a woman is preposterous. They voted for someone else based on two simple facts. She is eminently unlikeable and she could not articulate a vision other than more of the same liberal drivel that President Obama and his allies in Congress have been peddlin’ through the recession and into the weak recovery. Mrs. Clinton comes across as fake, petty (the Secret Service stories are legendary) and vindictive, and I for one simply could not imagine having to listen to her shrill voice droning-on every night on the evening news.

Now you might say that Donald J. Trump is tacky (which is not the same as fake – he does come across as genuine – that can’t be denied), he’s proven as President-Elect not to be petty (though I think most everyone figured he was) and certainly he can be vindictive (at least on Twitter). It seems like he’s quick to forgive but doubt he ever forgets a thing.

This lack of genuineness is what doomed Al Gore, Walter Mondale, (the elitist and would-be Israeli relationship-wrecker) John Kerry and Hillary Clinton (the first time). The opponents of those four all benefited electorally the more they campaigned as the electorate just could not imagine them as their Commander-in-Chief.

The vision question is something that Secretary Clinton was perpetually lacking and Donald Trump was light on (I thought his “solutions” were just too simplistic and jingoistic), but he was able to define his opponent as a liar (in fact, she lies when she doesn’t need to) and that brought her favorability down so he could remain within striking distance. Largely his voters gave him the benefit of the doubt on the vision question, but there certainly are things he wants to get done.

Out-spent but not Out-worked

The other factor that was not really even mentioned by the mainstream media except by way of daily shows that followed the campaigns closely was the 4 or 5 to 1 differential on campaign events. The way this came about was that they would mention what each campaign was doing that day and Trump was always doing a big rally and Clinton was taking time off, even several days at a time, as it came down to the wire. There was no urgency on behalf of the Clinton campaign which fed the pre-existing lack of enthusiasm in her supporters.

Trump simply out-worked the former Secretary of State in every way. His strategic plan was well-executed as he tirelessly campaigned around the Rust Belt to win states that Republicans hadn’t won in decades. His events were large-and-in-charge but Clinton’s required media outlets to use close-cropped shots as not to show the large room with few attendees at her events. The excitement factor of Trump’s base was much higher because of the patriotism and sheer enthusiasm he has for America and what he believed he could do to make America a better place. To use a phrase in describing Clinton’s campaign that Trump had coined when referring to one of his Republican primary opponents, “she was low-energy”.

Our pain was real but silent

So, as someone who’s been to a national GOP convention and regularly supports Republican candidates in Washington State, I do wish I’d been on-board with the Trumpster much sooner., It would make me feel like I contributed to the hand-wringing, sobbing and hysterical apoplexy of my liberal friends who now know how I felt in 2008 when the inexperienced and ultra-liberal Sen. Barack Obama was elected.

We felt bad (especially in 2012) when we’d already seen Obama making a mess of things and Romney still couldn’t beat him. I remember for days afterward thinking something else would happen to change this reality. Even in 2008 we knew what this freshman Senator was all about because we understood who his friends were and we knew that America would not be better after four or eight years of his leadership, and that his election should never have happened.

Despite this, we couldn’t deride or criticize Obama around anyone but our closest friends for fear that we’d be inaccurately labeled a bigot or racist because that’s how the Left operates to gain compliance. We weren’t racists then and we aren’t now, we simply have different principles that guide us. We believe in the promise of America and that it’s still a special place. Now, fortunately enough of America believes that Trump has the better formula for America’s renewed success and I wish him every success in fixing what ails the USA.

I know that many conservatives wish President Obama a well-deserved retirement; now keeping him from becoming Secretary General of the UN (now that he would never be a Supreme Court Justice) is the last thing to be guarded against. He could still do America great harm in that role though, so maybe expulsion of the UN from America is going to be necessary after all.

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