God is not a Liberal (and he’s not Conservative either)

This Op-Ed is in direct response to the Seattle P-I’s “news” story about Father Michael Ryan’s sermon of Sunday, Feb 5:

Fr. Michael Ryan of Seattle’s St. James Cathedral swerves unwittingly into the truth, but like a drunk driver on a car- and booze-fueled bender, he doesn’t realize it and keeps meandering his merry way home leaving (political) carnage in his wake.

Ryan argued Sunday that society has a right to “reasonable precautions” to assure public safety.

“Our nation has one of the most rigorous screening processes for immigrants and refugees in the world,” he said.  “But when reasonable precautions turn into paranoia that whips up suspicion toward an entire population or religious group, we believers need to speak up and speak out.”

We agree that “reasonable precautions” are prudent, but then one has to get to the definition of “reasonable”. Neither this editorial board nor the good Father has access to the intelligence that President Trump has (nor what was available during President Obama’s tenure) to know what the threats are. Also, two people can arrive at different conclusions based on their life experiences and the same information. What is irksome about the predictable reaction by the religious Left is that they cannot for one minute suppose that their man was not up to the task of protecting America.

Father Ryan, let’s say for argument’s sake that:

  • the previous presidential administration didn’t have a reliable process established to vet incoming refugees (I know, questioning the quality of President Obama’s work makes me a racist, but I questioned Jimmy Carter’s work the same way). Both were inept presidents and we’ll see that more clearly the further Obama’s presidency trails off in our rear-view mirror,
  • OR, the information available from foreign governments wasn’t sufficient for proper vetting,
  • OR, a reliable partner government didn’t exist due to war, famine, pestilence (to use some biblical terms you might be familiar with) in order to properly vet said refugee.

Would it be prudent, wait no, wouldn’t the president have a DUTY to make sure that individuals seeking asylum were not hell-bent on killing and destroying their new and welcoming neighbors? We believe it’s a very good case to make.

The 7 countries to which the TEMPORARY immigration order apply are:

  • Syria (war-torn, no diplomatic relationship with USA and #6 on the Fragile States Index)
  • Iran (no diplomatic relationship with and seeks destruction of the USA)
  • Iraq (fledgling government and #11 on FSI; we’d like to see exceptions made and fast-tracking enabled for vetted Iraqi interpreters previously embedded with the US military)
  • Somalia (#1 on FSI and complete basket case)
  • Libya (no central government has been established after Obama-induced civil war with removal of dictator Muammar Gaddafi)
  • Sudan (long a state sponsor of terrorism and one-time sanctuary for Osama bin Laden, split with South Sudan in 2011 and remains unstable; South Sudan and Sudan are #2 & 4 on the FSI)
  • Yemen (#5 on the FSI)


We submit that if he had been adequately protecting America, executive actions would have been taken during his term against these countries to address deficiencies with the vetting of immigrants and refugees that hail therefrom.

We don’t ask that you like or see fit to commune politically with President Trump, but to give him zero latitude because he beat your chosen candidate is just sour grapes and I think we all know the kind of wine that produces.

Evergreen State News Editorial Board